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Before you purchase your id please make sure you do the following.

For the Picture (max 20MB in file size)

1. Take a picture standing against any white color background.
2. Wear contrasting clothing (if the background is white, wear dark
color clothing).
3. Keep your hair nice and neat (minimize “flyaways”).
4. Make sure the picture is chest up.

This will eliminate 99% of the bad photos we receive. For a more detailed
instruction see the infographic below:


For the Signature, if you want your own (max 20MB in file size):

1. We A large signature on a piece of white paper.
2. Use a black sharpie or pen.
3. Scan the signature or take a picture of it with the flash off with
good lighting.

* A simple signature will be provided if you opt not to use your own.

No. Although you may find other venders who offer lower priced ID’s, when buying ours you know that you are receiving a high quality piece of work that you can confidently use knowing that you have the best possible fake ID.

Yes, it is best to use your own info in case you are asked for a second form you can use your debit card or something else with your name. We will put anything you want on your id though so its your call.

Yes, your info is safe with us. We use private offshore web hosting so that NOBODY can access your information except for us. All of your information is permanently deleted after you receive your ID. We have to keep it temporarily just in case there is a problem with your order. If you are worried about the security of your connection you can access our site securely using https.

No. Too many people have submitted false payment info in the past. We must confirm payment before beginning production on your IDs.

We offer high quality IDs at an affordable price. Every ID comes with a free duplicate and tracking number. All IDs are programmed to be scanned and to pass the backlight test. And….we do more than that! We offer you the chance to have a great time with your friends!

We offer you secure and anonymous payment methods. Also, your information are safe with us! If you want an fake ID you can get it by paying via Bitcoin, CashApp. For special offers check our Products page.

Provide us with a digital photo of yourself up against any colour wall or backdrop. Wear dark clothing for contrast covering skin and keep your hair nice and neat.That is all you need to worry about! Let us do our job in order for you to taste some freedom!!

All ID’s are shipped from inside the United States so that there’s 0% chance of custom seizures or delays. If you use our ID in public there’s no way that a scanner can spot that it’s fake. Beyond Fake will not be held liable for any illegal use you may conduct with our high quality fake identification

We offer high quality IDs for a reasonable price. We’ve been in the industry since 2007. Everything is done anonymously and we would never sell or release your personal information to anyone. Our e-mail and website are hosted offshore. Our production is done offshore as well, away from the jurisdiction of our Law Enforcement agencies here in the US.

Well you don’t. Everyday scammers pop up, and there’s always the legit vendor who decides to go out of business with a scam as well. However we pride ourself on our reputation. Most likely if you came to this site it’s due to word of mouth or from a review. Maybe you heard of us from a friend or from Reddit’s /r/fakeid. Either way, you were told we do what we claim to do. This is our job, this is what we do. If you really fear being scammed and our excellent feedback and vendor status still doesn’t ease your fears, well, you don’t have to order from us. You can also check us out on Instagram

We will never scam anyone. If you have truly not received your ID we will send you a new one, or in some cases we’ll refund you. Most people try and take advantage of this by claiming they haven’t received an ID but truly have which makes the ‘refunding’ option not the first choice for us. This is why we provide tracking most of the time.

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