IELTS certificate or International English Language Testing System, is a test for people who are going to stay in English-speaking countries because of immigration, education or practical training. The exam allows determining the level of English of a person for whom it’s not the native language. You need IELTS certificate if you plan to immigrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, to study in the higher educational institutions of these countries, as well as Irish, British or American universities. In the world the numbers of institutions that recognize the results of IELTS continue to increase.

The IELTS certificate will be valid for 2 years. When this period is over you will need to confirm the level of proficiency again. But the so-called Cambridge exams group is known for its “permanent” duration. At the same time, these exams have no limitations on the scope of application, and the schools which accept the certificate of CPE or CAE pay attention to the date when it was received. Therefore, for their actual use the “perpetuity” is not an advantage.